Belea T. Keeney

WIP Alumna (’07 & ’08) Belea T. Keeney’s piece, “The Tale of Trapper Tommy”, is now available for download at the audio story site, “Sniplits”. Short stories in a variety of genres are read by voice actors then coverted to MP3 format for listeners.

Her short story, “Lure of the Wolf” will be published in September in the Graveside Tales anthology, Lycanthrope: The Beast Within.

She’s also been contracted to edit Animal Attraction 2 for Torquere Press, School Days for Lethe Press, and will work as Managing Editor for the E-books division of Lethe Press.

While at WIP, in 2007, Belea received Honorable Mention for her short story, “Out of Joint” in Thisbe Nissen’s Short Story workshop. In 2008, she received Honorable Mention, again, this time for her short story, “Stag” in Tom Franklin’s Short Story workshop.

Congrats, Belea!


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