Call for Submissions

Anthology Seeking Submissions

The Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum in Baltimore has lost its $80,000 per year funding from the City of Baltimore.  Literary Landmark Press is publishing an anthology called The Spirit of Poe, all proceeds of which will go to the museum.  That’s everything.  All proceeds.  Every cent above the costs of printing and paying the contributors.

We are seeking short horror fiction up to 10,000 words.  For this anthology, we’re looking for horror along the lines of Fall of the House of Usher or The Telltale Heart, psychological and mysterious.  Both of those short stories will be in the anthology.

Contributors will receive payment of 5cents per word for original, new fiction.  Reprints will be considered and will receive compensation of 2 cents per word.  Contributors will also receive on copy of the printed anthology and one electronic copy.  (Contributors are free to donate their earnings to the cause!)

Send submissions in word or rtf format to  Submissions will be accepted until October 1st. The anthology is scheduled for publication on or about Halloween, 2011.



One Response to Call for Submissions

  1. Rhonda Lane says:

    Doggone it. I didn’t see this post til Oct. 10. I guess submitting my short story “wasn’t meant to be.”

    Anyway, good luck with the anthology. Let us know how to buy so we can Tweet and Facebook and SM it all over the web – after, of course, we order copies ourselves..

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