Diane Mooney / South Florida Flash Writing Contest

South Florida Flash Writing Contest

Each November, the Miami International Book Fair brings some of the greatest stories ever told to South Florida. Now we want to hear your story.

Introducing the “South Florida Flash” writing contest. WLRN-Miami Herald News wants brief stories that linger in the mind. Very brief. As in 305 words or less — “3-0-5” being at one time the area code for the entire state of Florida. Submissions can be fiction or non-fiction, poetic prose or prosaic poetry — the creative sky’s the limit!

Every day leading up to the book fair, we’ll read some of your South Florida Flash pieces on air at WLRN 91.3 FM and publish them online at miamiherald.com/wlrncontest.

How to Enter:
Fill out the form below and hit submit. By participating in the contest, you become part of the Public Insight Network, which allows you to inform Miami Herald and WLRN stories through your insights. To learn more about your membership perks, visit miamiherald.com/insight.

-Entries must be 305 words or less.
-Entries can be in English, Spanish, or Creole, or some combination thereof.
-To be considered for the contest, the entry must be received by 6pm, Sunday, November 13, 2011.
-Employees of WLRN and the Miami Herald are not eligible.

Sunday, November 13, 2011, at 6 pm.

A very special guest literary judge (no, we don’t know who yet) will pick the winner.

The grand-prize winner will get a grab bag of goodies during a dinner with Christine DiMattei, afternoon anchor of WLRN-Miami Herald News. Four (4) runners-up will receive a copy of Tigertail, A South Florida Annual: Florida Flash, edited by Lynne Barrett and published by Tigertail Productions, and “Miami Stories: Volume One,” a live hour of true stories from WLRN Under the Sun and Lip Service.

SUBMISSION FORM LINK: http://www.publicinsightnetwork.org/form/miami-herald-wlrn/ab58e9f7358c/south-florida-flash-writing-contest

ALSO, check out the audio link promoting this contest –WLRN-Miami Herald News Anchor gets “Flashed”! and enjoy the sample submission taken from Tigertail, A South Florida Annual (Edited by Lynne Barrett, one of the many talented writing professors at Florida International University) by Writers in Paradise Alumna, Diane Mooney. Mooney’s poem, “July in Ft. Lauderdale” is read about 3/4 of the way through the piece. Enjoy!




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