Jack Vanek

ECWC Alum Jack Vanek has been very busy!

He recently had his poem ” The Hardest Thing” read on public radio and you can listen to it here. It’s at the 19 minute mark. “The Hardest Thing”is from his collection of poetry: HEART MURMURS: POEMS. You can find HEART MURMURS in print and on Kindle at Amazon.com or from his website: http://mysite.verizon.net/vanekj

Jack’s also had work appear in the following:

The LLI Review – “Double Feature” (pg. 116)

Ellipsis – “Brown Anole” (pg. 92)

Hektoen International Journal – “Another Found Poem” and “Anatomy of Love”

Hektoen International Journal – “Always, Autumn Leaves” under the heading Facing Death and “Balloons” under the heading When Children Die .

The Examined Life Literary Journal – “Guillain-Barre” and “Vanishing Twin” (forthcoming in November 2011 print issue).

SLANT: A Journal of Poetry

Congrats, Jack!!


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