Call for Submissions

A call for submissions from writers! Tracy Crow is working with the University of Nebraska Press to edit a new military anthology of CREATIVE NONFICTION.

The goal is to tell the true military story from WWII to present, and from the points of view of veterans, active duty, military spouses, even children of vets who have been deeply affected by a parent’s service. Word count max for memoirs/essays is 4,000. Deadline is Oct. 31, though she encourages you to submit your best work as early as possible.

Please email submissions to: Be sure to include the word “anthology” in the subject line.

This collection will include new writers with emerging and established ones. As the editor, Tracy will be particularly swayed by work with a strong voice, deep self-reflection, and solid scene development.


Bio for Tracy Crow:

Tracy Crow is  a former Marine Corps officer, now an assistant professor of creative writing at Eckerd College in Florida, the nonfiction editor of Prime Number Magazine, and the author of the memoir, Eyes Right, Confessions from a Woman Marine, and the military novel, An Unlawful Order.

Good luck to Tracy and all those who submit. Should be a wonderful anthology!


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