2013 Best Of

On Saturday, January 26, 2013, conference co-director, Sterling Watson, announced the “Best Of” the 2013 Eckerd College Writers’ Conference: Writers in Paradise. Those selected for “Best Of” honors will have a chance to revise their manuscripts based on the feedback received in workshop and have their work published in SABAL the literary journal featuring the best writing of the Writers in Paradise writers’ conference.

Congrats to all!


Novel I – Tom Franklin

Honorable Mention: Kathleen Nicklaus

Best Of: Siena


Novel II – Ann Hood

Honorable Mention: Ana Munro Davis

Best Of: Swan Huntley


Novel III – Laura Lippman

Honorable Mention: Scott Scheible

Best Of: Kathleen Rowell


Poetry – Beth Ann Fennelly

Honorable Mention: Jacob Allgeier

Best Of: Laura Roosevelt


Short Story I – Andre Dubus III

Honorable Mention: Andrew Harlan

Best Of: Tracy Bird


Short Story II – Stewart O’Nan

Honorable Mention: Kate LeSar

Best Of: Eric Gerard


Nonfiction – Les Standiford

Honorable Mention: Barbara Riddle-Dvorak

Best Of: Laura Keane


Young Adult Writing – David Yoo

Honorable Mention: TIE Rachel Shapiro & Susan Banghart

Best Of: Katie McCarthy

This was truly a special week and would not have been possible without the 89 writers who came to join us from all over the country, from every walk of life, all arriving at Eckerd College with open hearts, open minds, and a generosity of spirit which seems unparalleled. We hope that each writer left with a greater understanding of his or her work and the tools to move forward and take their writing to the next level.

We are honored to have spent a week with such a talented and passionate group of writers.


One Response to 2013 Best Of

  1. TheWriter'sRealm says:

    Congrats to Susan Bangheart with Rachel Shapiro for their Honorable Mention in Young Adult Writing!

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