The “Best Of”

The “Best Of”

In previous years, the Writers in Paradise Faculty have selected a “Best Of” and an honorable Mention from work critiqued in each workshop. The “Best Ofs,” announced on the final day of the conference, were later revised based on workshop commentary and printed in Sabal, a literary journal published by Writers in Paradise.

This year, we handled “Best Ofs” in a different way. As part of the program at our Brunch on Saturday, January 25, faculty recognized a wide array of bests, such as “Best Line,” “Best Character Name,” etc. After the conference concludes, and writers have had a chance to digest and revise, all participants of the 2014 Conference are invited to submit work to Sabal. Works selected by the editors will be published in Sabal Volume 9.

We hope this new approach to “Best Ofs” will contribute to the enjoyment and spirit of our conference whose purpose is to nurture writers, encourage them to transcend boundaries, and also to showcase the talent they brought to us for a wonderful week at Eckerd College.


1.) In order to be eligible, you must have attended the 2014 Writers in Paradise as a conference participant.

2.) Submissions should be formatted as follows: Times New Roman, 12 Font, standard margins, double-spaced, maximum of 25 pages.

3.) You may only submit writing in the genres which were represented in this year’s workshops: i. e., Novel, Nonfiction (memoir/essay), Short Story, and Young Adult Writing.

4.) You may submit any piece of writing which has not been previously published before. You are not limited to submitting what you workshopped during the conference. We hope what you will apply what you learned during the conference to all of the writing you are working on. 

5.) The deadline to be considered for SABAL 2014 will be Friday, March 28, 2014. Submissions are due via email to:

Your submission should be saved as an MS Word or PDF attachment.

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your submission.

Submissions will be considered final. No further revisions will be allowed with the exception of minor editing for typos and grammar if the work is selected for publication in SABAL.

6.) Notification of the works selected for publication will be sent via email on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

Good luck!

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