Angie Jones

June 19, 2009

Congrats to Angie Jones (WIP ’06, ’08, ’09) whose free-verse poem “Berry Picking” and personal essay “A Test of Love” appeared in the 2009 Eckerd Review.

Angie will also have the opportunity to serve as a PEL student representative on the Editorial Board of the 2010 Eckerd Review, the literary review of Eckerd College.

Congrats, Angie!


Lily Prellezo

February 26, 2009

Congrats to WIP Alumna, Lily Prellezo.  Her book, written in collaboration with Jose Basulto;  Seagull One: The True Story of Jose Basulto and Brothers to the Rescue will be published in Fall 2010 by the University Press of Florida.

The nonfiction narrative tells the story of the seventeen nationalities that came together in multi-ethnic Miami to save the lives of the rafters leaving Cuba during the 1990s. On February 24, 1996, Castro ordered two planes shot down, killing three Americans and one U.S. resident. The pilots were a broad spectrum of ex-CIA freedom-fighters, teenage pilots, and soccer moms.

Congrats, Lily!

Angie Jones

January 9, 2009

Great news from WIP Alumna, Angie Jones. Her poem “First Taste of War” was awarded honorable mention in New Millennium Writings’ Winter 2007-08 poetry contest and was published in New Millennium Writings 2008-09.

Congratulations, Angie!

Belea T. Keeney

September 1, 2008

WIP Alumna (’07 & ’08) Belea T. Keeney’s piece, “The Tale of Trapper Tommy”, is now available for download at the audio story site, “Sniplits”. Short stories in a variety of genres are read by voice actors then coverted to MP3 format for listeners.

Her short story, “Lure of the Wolf” will be published in September in the Graveside Tales anthology, Lycanthrope: The Beast Within.

She’s also been contracted to edit Animal Attraction 2 for Torquere Press, School Days for Lethe Press, and will work as Managing Editor for the E-books division of Lethe Press.

While at WIP, in 2007, Belea received Honorable Mention for her short story, “Out of Joint” in Thisbe Nissen’s Short Story workshop. In 2008, she received Honorable Mention, again, this time for her short story, “Stag” in Tom Franklin’s Short Story workshop.

Congrats, Belea!

Wendy Buffington

August 4, 2008

WIP ’08 Alumna, Wendy Buffington, has been accepted into the MFA Program for poetry at Ole Miss.

She was also the recipient of the Mason Daly Poetry Award given by the Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College. In addition, Wendy also had two poems (“Reconciliation” and “Through the Cracks”) published in the 2008 Eckerd Review.

Wendy was a participant in the WIP 2008 Poetry workshop with Beth Ann Fennelly. Her poem, “Father”, was selected for Honorable Mention in the “Best Of” the poetry workshop. Beth Ann’s comments about this poem are featured in SABAL, Volume 3.

Congratulations, Wendy!

Good Luck at Ole Miss!